I consider myself a conceptually-driven crafts-person, using honed skills in common and unique crafts to confront and enhance modes of perception. A destabilization of strongly held perceptual beliefs can alter the simplex modes of thought which are handed to us, allowing for a complex—or further, multiplex—constellation of new thought to arise. The processes I investigate cover a broad range: from those produced with the generally available tools of digital and analog image making; weaving, sewing, and other fiber arts; installation and performance; as well as specialty crafts like holography.

The underlying theme that drives these investigations and creations is an inquiry of perceptual reality through light. Light can be seen as both a metaphorical, textual substance, as well as the physical conception of emitted radiation waveforms. Spectral imagery is especially important to the environments and objects which manifest through my creative process as it lays bare the simultaneous complexity and order which pervades our existence. The act of adding a refraction, diffraction, or reflection to a scene, a view, or a concept opens the multiplicitous reality which inhabits even the simplest of things. My commitment to a spectral outlook often brings together disparate materials in unconventional ways to examine the basic elements which vision and sight are based upon.

        C Alex Clark came into this existence in Wichita, Ks (1988), and currently resides in Santa Fe, NM and Brooklyn, NY. They graduated with a BFA in Photography from Santa Fe university of Art and Design (2014) and completed their MFA in the Low-Residency program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2018). They presently work as an assistant and collaborator with August Muth —a world-renowned hologram artist.

—C can be reached by email at universalconstantc@gmail.com