Phantom Somatomancy

Small pieces slowly come into focus, tacitly converging into a unified whole, but remaining individual in their manifestation. Invisible creases discovered by a glance, denoting both past and future. A moment clinging to infinite recollection, intimate and scrupulous.

Recreating the compilation of memories that we gather of people we have fondness for, through recording the tenuous moments that collect in our minds, we make portraits of their configurations in meager proportions. Contemplating the minuscule lines of the corpus, their origin and their destiny, traps them in an unrelenting loop on the membranes of perception.

What an insubstantial sliver of mitigated head space we spare for each lover, friend, or foe.

Made with the gracious help of Nouel Riel; soul, body, and mind.

C Alex Clark © 2013